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The zebra now wears an LA Kings baseball cap. Its another case of being around people who inspire you, even if theyre not around any more. Imagine if you found yourself living in your idols house, and some of their stuff was still there. Since Ive been there, not to get too spiritual or deep, Ive only felt positive energy, he says. It added to my creative energy and it was probably the thing that gave me that confidence to think I could have a clothing line. That and his mother, who used to take young Patrick on trips to Switzerland to buy and sell lace. It wasnt her day job, it was her hustle. So seeing that world growing up, I guess Ive always been aware of it. From a music perspective, it was Dizzee Rascal who showed a teenage Tinie that UK rappers could make a serious impact. Today, home-grown rappers feel much less like outliers, more like a movement Tinie featured Stormzy , Jme, Giggs and many more on his tough-sounding 2015 mixtape, Junk Food but he doesnt think theyve arrived yet. Despite Tinie going straight into the charts from the start, with his debut single Pass Out reaching number one in 2009, he still feels like he isnt treated the same as the pure pop stars.

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Australias Clive Palmer, a mining magnate turned politician known for planning to replicate the Titanic in 2013, calling the Chinese government bastards, and wanting to open a dinosaur-themed park, is back in the spotlight for a series of poetic tweets. Palmer, who left politics in 2016 after serving for three years, has delighted and baffled the Internet with his verses that focus mainly on food, but at times offer up a life lesson or two. Pavlova pie Clive Palmer (@CliveFPalmer) March 8, 2017 Who wants a hot dog? I love a hamburger. Clive Palmer (@CliveFPalmer) February 20, 2017 TimTam Split Clive Palmer (@CliveFPalmer) March 6, 2017 Money Clive Palmer (@CliveFPalmer) March 5, 2017 A one trick pony Clive Palmer (@CliveFPalmer) March 8, 2017 Palmer told Fairfax Media that his musings on food were due to a recent diet. "When you're on a diet you think about food a lot, and poetry sort of comes from within you," he said. Although, he can't explain his approach to the rest of his lines. "Poetry doesn't really have a meaning," he said. As expected, the Aussie Internet has been having a field day. @CliveFPalmer I see the diet is going well Al Louise (@ali__louise__) March 6, 2017 Im worried bout @CliveFPalmer . I think he's fallen on his phone and is thrashing around trying to get up.

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